Woolworths at Stockland Point Cook is an Australian supermarket/grocery chain. Their mission is to bring Australians the finest quality fresh food and value to Australian shoppers.

Woolworths love Australia, and love being Australian. That’s why 96% of the fresh fruit & veg they sell comes from Australia, grown by true-blue farmers right across the country. 100% of their fresh meat comes from here, too.

This love has led them to get involved with lots of different communities all over the country, in lots of different ways.

Opening Hours

Monday 7.00am - midnight
Tuesday 7.00am - midnight
Wednesday 7.00am - midnight
Thursday 7.00am - midnight
Friday 7.00am - midnight
Saturday 7.00am - midnight
Sunday 7.00am - midnight
Ground, Corner Main Street and Murnong Street, Point Cook, 3030

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