Colours of Country mural

Stockland Rockhampton acknowledges the proud Darumbal People as the Traditional Custodians and are honoured to have Indigenous artist, Brandon Butler, from Gaba Art, commission a mural titled 'Colours of Country'.

While Stockland is situated on Darumbal land we acknowledge the significance of this country to them, especially Moores Creek, which is a source of physical and spiritual nourishment.

Colours of Country mural story
Colour has and always will be an important part in expressing cultural identity, spiritual beliefs, and connection to ancestors and the land. The choice of colours and their combinations in art works reflect complex layers of meaning and symbolism, providing a visual language that speaks to the people on multiple levels. 

“Country talks to us in all kinds of ways including colour. In country, colour is truth and tells us not just that we belong to it but that we believe in it; Sand country, Rain country, Sea country, all different country tells us its lore and challenges us to believe it and not just to know it – like a book in the library. Colours of Country is our ‘BEING’ Darumbal Mal Mann.

The new mural will represent the restoration of cultural landscape and how it connects to storytelling. The landmark location on a prominent travel path will generate cultural significance for the Rockhampton region. These large cultural artwork displays will include vibrant colours and influence positivity to all. The mural will also help foster respect by creating a sense of cultural belonging and provide engagement to a broad range of people across our Rockhampton community including working with Youth Justice.

Mural location
Gaba Art are currently painting the Colours of Country mural at the Yaamba Road entrance at Stockland Rockhampton, with completion towards the end of October.

Indigenous mural artist
About The Artist
Born and currently based in Rockhampton, Brandon Butler, is a proud Aboriginal and South Sea Islander man. His Cultural Background includes; Gooreng Gooreng, Gurang, Gunggarri, Gangalu, Iman, 1st Nation Australian and South Sea Islander (Tanna Island, Vanuatu).

He has a strong cultural connection to the land and is passionate about sharing this through his art. He is a local, national and international artist and enjoys both visual and performing indigenous arts.

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