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Miguel's BBQ Tips

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Its summer! And what better way to connect with family and friends, than over an Aussie BBQ? Cooking over coal takes skill, but you’ll master the grill in no time with Miguel’s top BBQ tips. Get fired up, it’s grilling time.

Tools, tools, tools

Invest in good quality long handled tongs, and if cooking with fish or butterfly fillets, a wide fish pan works wonders. 

Get the right BBQ

There’s nothing wrong with gas, but if you want extra smoky deliciousness, invest in a webber or grill with a hood that uses coal for fuel. The lid ensures consistent temperature and locks in the most flavour. 

Try something new

Charcoal and wood chips will totally change the way your food tastes (in a good way!). For fish and pork, choose Oak or Hickory. To add extra sweetness to meat, choose cherry and apple wood.

Experiment with dry rubs, skewers, cooking parcels, slow cooking and smoking to mix up your meals.

Mastering the marinade

For extra flavour, use a marinade. Soak the meat as long as possible (even overnight), and save some to use on the BBQ. Brushing a little marinade over your meat while it cooks will add moisture and enhance the smoky flavour. Drain any excess marinade and pat it dry with paper towel before it goes on the grill, as this will help the meat to sear, rather than burn and stew on the grill.

Cooking to perfection

Don’t cook cold meat! Get it to room temperature, the season with salt, pepper and a little oil just before cooking. This will stop the meat from burning on the outside, whilst remaining under-done in the middle.

Sear steaks at high temperature, about 2 minutes each side, and try to only flip once! Then allow the meat to rest for at least 5 minutes to allow the cooking process to finish.

Selecting the best makes all the difference

For delicious homemade burgers, buy mince with plenty of fat or get your butcher to give you some minced flank or chuck. 

Choose good quality grass fed meat; fillet, scotch fillet, New York sirloin, T-bone or rump are the best steaks for BBQing.

Trout and Salmon are also great companions with smoke! Grill the fish whole by slicing it open, stuffing with lemon, dill and pepper and cooking over medium heat.

For extra delicious vegies, slice them in thin strips and grill straight away without using any oil or seasoning. Once they have cooked and slightly charred on the edges, add a splash of good quality olive oil and a dash of vinegar to ramp up the flavour.

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