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Footprints In Film: Dinosaur-Themed Movies For Your Family

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Travel back in time.

There’s something about dinosaurs that kids just can’t get enough of. Even as we age, these prehistoric predators possess an allure that’s impossible to resist. Why else would we go to see all four of the Jurassic Park films in cinema multiple times and then again courtesy of Netflix? Reliving the excitement – it’s pure magic.

Be prepared for your children to dive right back into their longstanding (but briefly forgotten) love for these long-extinct creatures. Celebrate Stockland’s exciting new partnership with the Australian Museum and be sure to track down the life-size T. rex trekking around selected Stockland shopping centres.

Want to bring the magic home with you? Here’s how to indulge in a fossil-inspired movie marathon, or perhaps even throw your own dino-themed party and keep the kids smiling.

For the tiny tots (3-6 years):

Bob The Builder: The Big Dino Dig Movie: join Bob and the crew for their biggest adventure yet. If your little man (or lady) loves construction AND dinosaurs, this may well be a match made in heaven.

Barney’s Great Adventure: based on the super successful series, Barney & Friends, Barney’s Great Adventure is a musical adventure sure to keep the kiddies engaged.

Dora’s Dinosaur Journey: Dora and Diego’s daring mission to rescue baby animals is impossible not to fall in love with.

Dinosaur Movies

Courtesy of Nickelodeon

For the cool kids (7-12 years):

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs: Stop slothing around and switch on the third installment of Ice Age. It’s all of your favourite prehistoric friends with the addition of, you guessed it, dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Movies

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Dinosaur: Disney, you’ve done it again. This box office smash is the perfect mix of heart-warming and heart-racing. Plus, did we mention, there’s lemurs?!

We’re Back: A Dinosaur Story: what happens when a bunch of dinosaurs are magically transported into modern day New York City? A whole lot of fun, that’s what! The kids will love the out-of-the-box concept and the silly (yet endearing) storyline will have them in stitches for hours to come – so it might be best not to screen it just before bedtime!

For the teens (13-17 years):

Night At The Museum/s: Ben Stiller, Robin Williams AND Owen Wilson. Need we go on? New York’s Museum of Natural History becomes even more fascinating (if that’s possible), when all the exhibits come to life. Got a spare night? Settle in for a three-peat and watch all three back to back!

Land Of The Lost: while it didn’t receive the best Box Office response, you can always count on funny man Will Ferrell for a good laugh. Teens will enjoy the cavalier nature of the plot as they won’t have to think hard to follow along.

The Flinstones: what’s not to love about a live-action adaptation of our favourite TV show? John Goodman and Halle Berry delight as always and (believe it or not), even the ever-gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor makes an appearance.

For the big kids (18+ years):

Walking With Dinosaurs: computer animated, educational and a true work of art, not a lot has to be said for this fan favourite.

The Land Before Time/s: while this family flick is more than appropriate for all ages, we get the feeling that the young at heart might have the biggest soft spot for this series. With 14 glorious sequels to choose from, you are spoilt for choice, so get watching!

Jurassic Park/s: in the world of dinosaurs, is there anything better than Jurassic Park? Unless they return from extinction, we think not. Kick back in front of the classic three, or enjoy the newest edition (featuring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard). Either way you’re sure to enjoy the experience!

Dinosaur Movies

Dinosaur Movies

Dinosaur Movies

Courtesy of Universal Studios

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