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Valentine's Day makeup trends

Category: fashion and beauty

No matter what you’ve got planned this Valentine’s Day, there’s no better way to celebrate than by getting dressed up and trying a gorgeous new makeup look to tie it all together. Whether you’re heading out for Galentine’s Day cocktails, going on an intimate dinner date, or just spending a night in watching romcoms with your bestie, there’s no reason why you can experiment with a new Valentine’s Day makeup look. 


Whether you love a clean look or want to try something more maximalist, we’ve rounded up the biggest and best beauty trends to try this Valentine’s Day, so you can step out both looking and feeling absolutely gorgeous.   



Balletcore makeup trend

Ballet-core is another beauty trend that has taken off on TikTok. This look pays homage to the signature beauty look ballerinas have cultivated during their rehearsals and is a more elegant take on the no-makeup makeup trend. To try it for yourself, all you’ll need is a nice hair gel or gel wand to help you re-create the iconic ballerina bun, frosted pink eyeshadow, Barbie-pink blush, a dewy highlighter, and a nude lip shade. You can also spruce up your look by adding some additional hair accessories like a tulle scrunchie, diamante hair pins, and hair gems.  


Blue eyes makeup trend

One beauty trend that caught a few beauty lovers by surprise is the blue makeup trend. What started as a homage to the beauty looks of the early 2000s has evolved into an incredibly versatile beauty trend that can fit into a range of different aesthetics. Whether your wardrobe is more tonal, or you love a bold print, blue eyeshadow, mascara, and shimmer will work with any look.  


Coquette makeup trend 

One of the latest beauty trends to steal the hearts of every beauty lover on TikTok is the coquette beauty trend. Fun, feminine and elegant, this trend involves pretty pastel shades, petite hair bows, and pearlescent details. Think of this trend as a blend between mermaid-core and ballet-core! To master this look, all you’ll need is a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser, a rosy blush, pastel eye shadows in shades like lilac and mint green, and a clear lip gloss. To take your look to the next level, invest in some feathery fake lashes to really make your eyes pop.  


Peach fuzz makeup trend

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz, which also happens to be an extremely versatile colour when it comes to makeup. Pantone described the colour as a clean tone with a vintage twist that evokes feelings of kindness, tenderness, and elegance. Celebrities like Margot Robbie have already started to embrace the Peach Fuzz beauty trend on the red carpet and by simply adding a peach-toned blush, lip gloss, and eyeshadow to your makeup kit, you’ll also be able to replicate the elegant makeup trend this Valentine’s Day.   


With so many fun, new beauty trends out there, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day makeup look is an absolute breeze. Whether you’re loving coquette beauty, ballet-core, bold blue hues, or peach fuzz, you can head into your local Stockland centre to revamp your makeup bag to ensure your Valentine’s Day makeup look turns heads, no matter what you’ve got planned.   


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