It's the age old dilemma - Hillside or Riverbend? You're torn, we get it. It's like choosing your favourite ice cream flavour, only a tad more important. That's why we're here to tell you what makes each village unique - whether you're after cosy, convenient living, or embracing a laidback lifestyle in your spacious dream home.

5 min
23 October 2023

Personally, we think both are pretty great. Bias? Maybe. 

Hillside and Riverbend are the two key villages (or precincts) that make up Sienna Wood, as part of our villaging strategy. These "villaging strategies" are often utilised by developers for a number of reasons. The most obvious - to differentiate between locations within the community. Villages can be based around amenity (like our newly opened Neerigen Brook), and can consider all other types of features - think design guidelines, lot sizes, even aesthetic features (keep an eye out for those unique tree species). 

The main benefit - villaging strategies help make your choice that little bit easier. With more diversified lot sizes and locations, variety ensures we've got something for everyone in the mix. 


Let's say you've landed on Hillside. Buying your first home or investment property? Then this village is ideal for you. With more compact lot sizes starting at 188m2, and more affordable lots on offer, you'll find the right fit in Hillside. After convenient living with amenity just a stone's throw away? Blocks in Hillside are as close as 1km away from Haynes Shopping Centre, perfect for picking up those daily necessities. And, if you need more to sweeten the deal - you're also close to local schools, and bus stops along Eighth Road to get you where you need to go.


Or maybe Riverbend is more your cup of tea. If you're looking to upgrade your home, this village is your perfect fit. With lot sizes ranging from 313m2-510m2+ (sometimes even larger), enjoy laidback day-to-day life in your large lifestyle home. Surrounded by bush conservation areas, you'll start the day out in nature with peaceful green space and surroundings (have we mentioned that Sienna Wood is 39% open space?).  And don't worry, there's plenty of amenity too - with this village walking distance from the future town centre and future primary school

Now it's your turn to choose. Both Hillside and Riverbend have access to amenity, green space, a sense of community, and a block size that will suit you and your family's needs (you can't go wrong in our opinion). Keen to see what we've got on offer? Explore our most popular packages.