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Welcome to Ticketless Parking
We know that finding a convenient car space quickly and easily is important to our customers. With this in mind, Stockland Merrylands has introduced a new parking system that will ensure entry and exit from the car park will be quick and easy, by using licence plate recognition technology to track parking without the need for a ticket.

CLICK HERE to register an online parking account.

You'll be happy to know that the regular services will remain the same, including the number of parking spaces dedicated for our Parents with Prams and Mobility impaired customers which are located close to the Centre entrances for your convenience. 

Customers will still receive their first 3 hours parking FREE. Casual rates apply after 3 hours.
FREE parking will still be available for registered RMS Mobility Pass holders.

Casual Parking Rates





0 - 3.0


5.0 - 5.5


3.0 - 3.5


5.5 - 6.0


3.5 - 4.0


6.0 - 6.5


4.0 - 4.5


6.5 - 7.0


4.5 - 5.0




Ticketless Parking General FAQ's

Why are we doing it?
Stockland Merrylands is introducing Ticketless Parking from 25th June 2019. The fundamental aim of our ticketless parking system is to make it quicker and easier for customers to park and connect with our retailers. The state-of-the-art technology of the new parking system will ensure entry and exit from the car park will be quick and easy, by using licence plate recognition to track parking without the need for a ticket.

What is ticketless parking and how does it work?   
The new parking system will utilise number plate recognition to take a picture of your number plate when you enter and recognises this at the exit gate. If your visit is within 3 hours, you’ll enjoy free parking whereby you can simply proceed to the exit and the boom gate will open automatically.

For customers staying longer than 3 hours, there are three easy ways to pay for parking:
1. At the pay station in centre, by typing in your number plate
2. At the boom gate, by credit or debit card only*
*2% surcharge applies to centre pay station and exit gate credit card payments.
3. By registering online, to have your fees automatically deducted from your nominated credit or debit card.

How do I keep track of how long I have parked?   
You can check what time you entered the car park by typing your number plate details into any pay station, located at selected entries/exits to the centre.

How do I register for parking with an RMS Mobility permit?   
RMS Mobility permit parking holders can park at the centre for free at any time. To register for ticketless parking, please present your permit to the team at the Customer Care Desk along with your car’s number plate. Once you have registered you will be able to access the car park seamlessly.   

What happens if I leave the centre and come back later?
If you leave the centre and return later you will receive an additional 3 hours free, however you must have been out of the car park for 45 minutes or more to reset. If you re-enter under 45 minutes, you will be charged for the entire period you have parked.

Why should customers register online?
If you are a regular customer you are encouraged to register your vehicle number plate and credit or debit card details at Once registered, if customers choose to stay longer than 3 hours, there will be no need to visit a pay station as the fee will be automatically charged to their registered account credit or debit card on exit to avoid the trip to the pay machine.

How do I register? 
24 hours before visiting the centre, register your details here. On your next visit, proceed directly to the exit and the parking fee will be automatically charged to your registered credit or debit card.

If I register, will my credit card details be kept secure?

Yes, Point Parking, our car park operator will keep all personal details secure in accordance with their privacy policy which can be found below.

How long do I have to exit the car park after validating my parking?
Both staff and customers have 15mins to exit the car park after validating their parking at the pay stations. When you link a credit card to your online account, you can proceed directly to the exit.

Who do I contact for questions?  
Please contact our Car Park Management team on the following details.

Phone: 9682 1855

CLICK HERE to read our full ticketless parking terms and conditions.

Mobility Parking*

We offer FREE all day parking for our mobility impaired customers. It's important to know that if you have a Mobility Parking Scheme (RMS) Permit, you'll continue to receive FREE all day parking. However, you will need to visit the Customer Care Desk to register your permit.

For more information please contact us on 02 9682 1855.


Season Passes Available

For all non-shoppers and businesses located in Merrylands, we are happy to offer you season passes. To apply for one or get more details please contact us on 02 9682 1855 or visit our Car Park Office located on B1, just below Priceline Pharmacy. 

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