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DIY Balloon Dart Art for Creative Kids

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School holidays have arrived! Knowing you’ll have to keep the kids fully entertained can be daunting, but here at Stockland, we’ve got you covered with some new and exciting DIY crafts! These easy and affordable activities are not only perfect for keeping boredom at bay but will also give you the chance for some quality time at home with your kids these holidays. 

A trip to your local Stockland is all you’ll need for this playful and artistic balloon art activity. They’re bound to love this one because what kid doesn’t love making a bit of mess, right? We’ll forgive the mess this time as it’s all in the name of artistic expression (plus, you’ll have put the tarp down first!). This craft is not only exciting and engaging but also makes for a wonderful family keepsake to hang around the house.


Here’s everything you’ll need to get your little Picassos started.

- Small multi-coloured balloons
- Balloon pump
- Large canvas
- Easel (optional)
- Thumbnails
- Plastic darts
- Dropcloth or tarp

Balloon art school holidays 1



Step one:

First things first, you have to set up your mini artist’s studio. We highly recommend doing this one outside! Place your drop cloth or tarp down (possibly using tape or weights to secure) and then set up your easel and canvas, ensuring it is at a kid-friendly height. If you don’t have an easel, you can easily lean the canvas against a wall or a container to prop it up. 

Step two: 

Place the mouth of the balloon over your paint bottle and then squirt a small amount of paint inside. We like to match the colour of the balloon to the shade of the paint. Then take your balloon pump to fill the balloons and twist off to tie. We recommend doing this over your tarp, in case of any unexpected pops or drops! 


Step three: 

Arrange your balloons on the canvas, securing them in place with the thumbnails. Make sure you place the thumbnail through the knot and not the balloon. 

Balloon art school holidays 2

Step four:

The fun begins! With some adult supervision, kids can enjoy the excitement of watching the paint splatter as they throw the plastic darts at the canvas.

Balloon art school holidays 3

Step five: 

Finally, allow the paint to drip and once dry, remove the popped balloons and thumbnails. And voila! Once completely dry choose a special place in the house to hang your little one’s artwork. You can even ask them to sign the canvas in the bottom right-hand corner, like the true artist they are! 

If your kids loved this activity and are hungry for more, make sure you check out our DIY collage cushion and pressed flower suncatcher craft, perfect for these school holidays! 

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