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DIY Pressed Flower Suncatcher

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With school holidays well and truly upon us, there’s nothing like some playful handy crafts to keep your little ones entertained and engaged while at home. Here at Stockland, we’ve got you covered with the latest craft trends that are sure to keep your little ones captivated for hours on end!

There is a huge push to get kids involved in nature right now for the multiple benefits it brings to their development. Being around nature allows for countless opportunities for discovery, creativity while engaging all the senses, as well as improving their motor skills. At any age, being out and about in the fresh air amongst the trees and wildlife can be an educational and enjoyable experience. 

To bring the outdoors in, this pressed flower suncatcher craft is the perfect school holidays activity! Pretty to look at and fun to make, this activity makes for an awesome crafternoon in nature. A quick trip to your local Stockland is all you’ll need to find everything this craft requires including…
- Fresh flowers and foliage
- Clear contact paper
- Scissors
- Coloured card (optional)
- Acrylic frame (optional)

Here’s how you do it.

Flower suncatcher 1

Step one:

First off, you’ll want to gather up some fresh flowers and foliage that will be the centrepiece of your sun catcher. You can purchase these from your local Stockland or why not take a stroll in your backyard or local park and forage for some flora! This is a great opportunity to teach your children the names of plants, educate them about seasonality and pollination, and so much more. 

Step two: 

When you’re back at home go through your findings, spend some time picking off leaves and petals to make your arrangement. If you’d like to feature full flower heads, you may need to press them between two heavy books for a few hours first. 

Step three: 

Time to make the suncatcher! You can do one of two things here. You can use the coloured card to cut out a narrow border in the shape of your choice – this will form the “frame”. Then, all you have to do is simply stick your border to a piece of contact paper, sticky side up. Alternatively, you can purchase an acrylic frame (as we have done here), using the contact paper in between the frame to keep the foliage in place. 

Let your kid’s creativity lead the way as they stick down a selection of flowers, petals and leaves in a design of their making. Flowers can be quite delicate so they will need to work carefully to avoid any rips. 

Flower suncatcher for kids

Step four: 

Place a second piece of contact paper over the top of your floral design and press down to secure, being careful to avoid any bubbles or ripples. Trim any excess around the frame off and there you go! Now you have a gorgeous, pressed flower suncatcher, ready to be hung from the ceiling or leant against a sun-filled window.



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