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DIY Collage Cushion for Crafty Kids

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If your child is as crafty as they are tech-savvy, this is the ideal activity to keep them busy this school holidays. With the holidays here, it’s time to put together that long list of crafts, games, activities, and to-dos to make sure your kids are occupied throughout the day. But hey, there’s only so much baking and drawing you can do, right?! We’ve come up with some new and exciting activities that are sure to keep them engaged, all weekend or school holiday long. If you’re looking for a fun craft activity that will turn their treasured drawings into works of art, be sure to try this DIY collage cushion project.

Using printable transfer paper, this activity is a great way to start teaching your kids how to use the technology around the house, in a proper and safe manner (with your supervision, of course). Let their creativity soar as they make a collage that’s both personal and unique to them. Not only does it make for an awesome bedroom styling item that their friends are bound to ask about, but also as they grow, it's sure to become a treasured family memento.  

A trip to your local Stockland and few things from around the house is all your need to get going on this DIY project. 

For this craft, you’ll need:

- A selection of your child’s drawings
- White cushion
- A4 white card
- Transfer paper
- Glue stick
- Scissors
- Scanner 
- Iron and ironing board

Here’s how to achieve this super easy craft:

Craft tools

Step one
First, you’ll want to gather up a selection of your child’s drawings. This could be from their colouring books, previous drawings they’ve made at school, or they could sketch something brand new for their cushion design. Anything goes! Get creative - everything from scrapbook materials, family photos, or even magazine cut-outs would work well. 

Step two
Time to lay out your design onto your piece of white card. We recommend doing this before you start gluing to ensure everything fits and looks right. Once your little one is happy with their design, you can start gluing it down.

Pencils and a colouring book.

Step three
With the design of the collage complete, now’s the time to scan it into the computer. This part is mostly for the mums and dads but is a great way for kids to learn how to use the house technology under adult supervision. 

Step four
Once the design is scanned into the computer, it’s time to print it out onto the special transfer paper. Place one sheet of transfer paper into your printer tray, making sure the adhesive side is facing the right way so the design prints on the paper side. Now hit that print button watch their designs come to life.

TIP: if your drawings include words and/or numbers, you will need to reverse the image on your computer, so they don’t appear back to front when you’re ironing onto the cushion.

Step five
Now for the transferring, again adults it’s time to take the lead on this part. Pop up your ironing board and turn your iron on – refer to your transfer paper package as to what heat you should be using. Take the insert out of your cushion and lay the cover flat on the ironing board, ensuring there are no creases. Centre your design face down on the cushion cover and once happy, iron away. Leave the design for approximately one minute to cool, then peel back the adhesive side to reveal your kids’ brand new cushion.

Ironing a cushion

Step six
Pop the insert back into your cushion and style on your little one’s bed. Voila! 

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