Our aspiration is for Aura South to become a beacon of possibility, unprecedented liveability and sustainability.

Aura South presents an opportunity to build on our experience and achievements at Aura, one of Australia’s most sustainable masterplanned community. Our goal is to deliver the next evolution in community sustainability, to set a new benchmark that demonstrates an even better future for people and planet.

Our vision is based on protecting and enhancing the lifestyle and character of the Sunshine Coast, creating new employment pathways for future generations of all ages, world class sustainability and a collaborative delivery approach enabling new possibilities.

Protecting and enhancing lifestyle and character

Aura South will protect and enhance the wellbeing of people and the planet to offer unprecedented liveability immersed in nature.

Designed to be nature positive, one-third of Aura South will be rewilded and rehabilitated to support regional biodiversity corridors which will enhance the subtropical character of the Sunshine Coast and extend the regional Inter-Urban Break.   

It will offer an opportunity to extend Aura's unprecedented network of interconnected parks and cycle paths, expand its frog breeding initiatives and to listen and respond to what Country needs.   

Aura South will ensure the long-term protection of the Pumicestone Passage both through expert endorsed water management design and ongoing research and education to support conservation efforts.

Next generation pathways for all ages

Aura South will offer new intergenerational employment pathways in high-value, new economy industries to address local economic and social challenges.  It will also deliver dwellings, offering inclusive housing choices, affordable housing for key workers and social housing.

Our goal is to create fertile ground to incubate new sustainability businesses that focus on protecting the environment and enhancing liveability.

True innovation requires diversity and social and affordable housing will ensure the Sunshine Coast retains and grows its talent, offering opportunities for all ages including the next generation to remain within the local community.

World class sustainability creating tomorrow, today

Aura South will deliver a new model for sustainable living in balance with nature. It will be designed to go beyond net zero, be small in footprint and embrace a circular economy that recaptures 'waste' as a resource to create new materials and products.

Connected, yet self-contained, Aura South will become a living lab where new initiatives can be tested and pioneered by those living and working on-site. We anticipate these will include collective infrastructure sharing, self-sufficient precincts and future technologies that are driving decentralised models for water, soil, waste and utilities.

It will feature sustainable materials and diversion of construction and operational waste and be designed for heat island resilience.  Hyper-local connectivity is proposed to be delivered through new smart, efficient mobility solutions such as autonomous electric vehicles.  Collectively, these initiatives will deliver unprecedented liveability by creating tomorrow, today. 

A collaborative legacy empowering possibility

Aura South will leverage a collaborative approach, progressive governance and First Nations engagement to deliver our ambitions. We are committed to working with the community and all levels of government to realise new possibilities.  We will take a deep community engagement approach and seek to empower the community through Aura South's governance structures.

The rewilding of Aura South will involve local Elders to ensure connection with Country, embedding traditional knowledge as a foundation for resilience and sustainability, and create opportunity for ongoing custodianship by First Nations. 

Our goal is to build capability within the community to secure its future and to establish a community of advocates for sustainable living who can inspire others to do the same.


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