80% Safety

Feel safe as houses with bright, well-lit footpaths and easily monitored open spaces.

Why do we measure Safety?

What it means for me. 

Home should be a place where you feel safe and secure in a welcoming and friendly environment. A safe community is one which is inclusive and celebrates diversity, where families meet up in the local park after school, where neighbours know each other by name and residents hit the pavement for a daily jog, cycle or just to walk the dog. Every year we ask our residents how safe they feel in our communities as part of the Liveability Index Survey.

We’re a little obsessed about distances, with good reason. Easy community connections count when it comes to deciding on a place to live. Homes within our communities are all close to local shops for those early morning milk dashes, education hubs are nearby for quick school runs, and public transport and main road links are easy to get to. Outdoor spaces and social activities are also within minutes of your doorstep for fitness and fun.

Sienna Wood | A Case Study 

A safe neighbourhood involves all members of the community and Sienna Wood has taken this to heart, with even our four-legged residents chipping in to do their bit. The Dogs on Patrol pilot program is part of a range of initiatives designed to promote safety within the Perth community and bring people together. And with continually improving Index ratings for liveability, safety and community connection, we know we’re on the right track for a bright future. Read more here.

Sienna Wood | A Case Study

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