Welcome to 'My Place' - a helpful guide for first-home buyers. Stockland has partnered up with Adam Dovile to shed light on the most important topics being faced by first-time buyers in today's property market.


Ten handy tips to help you shift from being a renter, to becoming an owner.


How much do I need for a first home deposit

Struggling to find a deposit for a house? Try out these top cost-cutting tips and make sure you take advantage of grants and tax breaks.

Helpful things to know before building a home

Landing the right deal: what you need to do before building a house. Stockland’s expert Georgina Cihan takes you through her tips for building a first home.

You've bought your dream home. Now what?

Excitement, relief, pride: it’s an unforgettable feeling when you realise you’re at the end of your home-buying journey. But what happens next?

First home buying: City vs The Suburbs

Should you buy your first home in the city or suburbs? There are some important factors that first-home buyers should think about.

10 things to look for when inspecting a display home

Before you go off to the nearest display home and start planning your colours, cabinet styles and where your sofa will go, there are a few important things to think about. Here are ten of them.