Life at Aura

Aura is a city designed for every facet of life. We have drawn inspiration from some of the world's most liveable cities to enhance the unique lifestyle that the Sunshine Coast offers; to create a city that is truly world class.



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Community Features

Discover why Aura is the perfect place for new home buyers on the Sunshine Coast.


Business at Aura

Business innovation and economic prosperity is a cornerstone of Aura, with the dynamic new city catering to all levels of business, from home-based entrepreneurs to fledgling boutique enterprises and internationally recognised companies. A thriving city heart will be complemented by business and enterprise hubs nurturing new and diverse global opportunities for an array of industries.

Aura Town Centre

City of Colour

Colour means different things to different people. To Stockland colour is much more than just a coat of paint - it's a way of life. The 'City of Colour' has been designed to include many of the elements that make life colourful and rich. Stockland will carefully, and tastefully, weave a tapestry of colour throughout the city to spark the imagination of all who enter. 


Lifestyles at Aura

With a flourishing village atmosphere and a strong focus on a healthy and active lifestyle, this will be a place you will be proud to call home. Aura will be a regional destination featuring high quality urban design combined with a unique sense of community. With a rich variety of cultural, social and leisure opportunities, Aura will offer a vibrant 24/7 urban appeal.


Education at Aura

A diverse range of educational opportunities will nurture young minds and develop emerging talents, from childcare centres to primary and secondary schools, to tertiary education centres and a performing arts facility. On completion, the city will include five public primary schools, four private schools and two public high schools and an array of community facilities including a library.


Employment at Aura

With a strong commitment to creating employment opportunities for the region, Aura is set to become the Sunshine Coast’s largest employment generator. A dedicated economic development strategy will target the creation of up to 20,000 direct jobs, creating long-term local employment opportunities for the region. An additional 20,000 jobs will be created during construction. 


Transport at Aura

Aura is a connected city rich with possibilities and opportunities. Travelling in and around the city will be easy with an extensive integrated public transport system that will connect village hubs with district centres. Aura’s transport system will also link with future public transport services to provide residents with access to the wider Sunshine Coast region.


Environment at Aura

The Green Building Council of Australia has publicly endorsed Aura’s Master Plan, awarding the project a 6 Star Green Star – Communities rating. It is the first time an Australian city will be designed, developed and measured against this highly-coveted rating system, confirming that Aura will be one of the most sustainable residential communities in Australia and acknowledging the project as a world leader in sustainability and liveability.