28 September 2016 2 min read

The City’s proposed future major regional parkland will be located at the southern end of the City Centre. A place for partying and performance - a regional hub for recreation, performance and sports set in a unique natural setting and directly accessible from the future Transit Station. This is where you will go to watch international sporting fixtures and your favourite band rock out!

Central Park is a proposed future major regional park of more than 120 hectares, extending from the Bruce Highway, along Bells Creek South and through to the Bells Creek Arterial, City Centre and Environmental Protection Zone.

Central Park is proposed to include:

  • an approximately 3 km long, 400 metre plus wide vegetated ecological corridor along Bells Creek South;
  • a network of ephemeral wetlands to facilitate water quality management and further enhance environmental values and expanding habitat for flora and fauna;
  • an active and passive open space edge allowing opportunities for major sporting events and facilities, casual recreation, as well as major cultural events near the City Centre and the future Transit Station; 
  • a potential golf course; and
  • an 8 – 16 hectare lake system.