19 September 2016 3 min read

A real main street and city square, like they used to make! A place for promenading, being seen, business, shopping, celebration and ceremony – whether it be a fashion parade, a romantic dinner, a stroll through the markets or even a march, this will be where it all happens!

Enjoy the best of urban living.

The Main Street will be the active spine of the City Centre, connecting the Peoples Place to the Transit Station at the southern end of the City Centre Core. Main Street will provide opportunities along its 750 metre length for a range of retail, commercial, civic, and residential uses and facilitate a multitude of community and civic activities. The Main Street is proposed to be 25 meters wide and will include ample on street parking and generous 4.5 - 6 meter wide footpaths.

Despite its generous width, the Main Street is proposed to be developed as a compact and active street that:

  • includes high quality built form that contributes to the urban, main street experience and quality;
  • provides ground floor retail, dining and community uses and vertical integration of uses around key nodes; 
  • is fronted by transparent and interactive facades with buildings built to the boundary and indented at key locations to encourage outdoor dining;
  • ensures a pleasurable and comfortable pedestrian and cyclist experience; and 
  • is climatically responsive through the use of awnings and high quality, mature landscaping.


To be situated at the mid-point of Main Street and northeast facing to maximise cooling summer breezes and optimise solar access. The proposed City Square will be a generous plaza space of 4,000m2, providing sufficient space for a range of activities to take place at the same time. Supported activities include performances and displays, markets and community activities, outdoor dining or just sitting an relaxing. The bustling, 24/7 vibe of the City Square will be enhanced by surrounding high quality retail spaces, adjacent civic uses and hotel and office uses above.