Stockland cares for your land up until settlement, ensuring that it's clear and tidy. So what are your responsibilities after settlement?

The boundaries of your land

The boundaries of your land are pegged for you prior to settlement. Please inspect your land shortly after settlement and let us know if any of your lot pegs are missing so we can investigate. 

During construction of your home, some pegs can accidentally be covered or removed. After settlement, boundary pegs are the landowner's responsibility.

Maintaining your land
Maintaining your land is an essential part of being a landowner. This includes keeping it free of rubbish, overgrown grass and hazards. It's a good idea to install temporary fencing to ensure your land remains clear, safe and ready for your builder to begin constructing your future home! 

Residents and builders have a responsibility to dispose of their rubbish correctly. Builders are usually responsive to requests to remove rubbish that their contractors have disposed of incorrectly. If you cannot resolve an issue directly with the suspected builder at fault, there are organisations that can help:


Nature strip (i.e. Council verge)
As part of putting the final touches on your stage, we install turf in the nature strip, ensuring it is established and green. Any damage caused during the construction of your new home should be addressed with your builder before they finish. 

Everyone plays an important part in keeping the community looking beautiful. Although the Council owns the nature strips, it's the landowner's responsibility to maintain the nature strip directly in front of their home. This includes regular maintenance and clearing of litter.

Design guidelines
After settlement, we recommend you start building your new home as soon as you can within your contractual building time frames.

Stockland has building time frames and design guidelines in place to ensure all homes are developed in harmony with the surrounds and to create stunning streetscapes. If you have any design queries, please email  

By knowing your responsibilities as a landowner, you will be helping to protect your part of an outstanding community.