08 April 2020

Ideas to entertain this Easter

Create the excitement of Easter at home this year with these three ideas to keep the little ones entertained.

1. Easter letter hunt

Hunting for letters to solve a mystery word can be just as fun as hunting for eggs. This is an alternative to the traditional Easter egg hunt. 

The letter hunt is ideal if you have a pet that is likely to sniff out the chocolate before the children do and it can be played indoors or outdoors. This is a fun interactive game in itself but you can always reward them with a treat once they solve the mystery phrase.

How to play

  1. Print the free letters and work sheet on A4 paper
  2. Hide the letters around your home or yard
  3. When the children find a letter they write it in the matching numbered box on the work sheet
  4. Once they have found all eleven letters they will solve the mystery Easter phrase


2. Free activity pages and craft

There are a number of free downloads online for themed colouring in, activity sheets and craft. Here are our favourite sites.

You will find everything from turning hard boiled eggs into Disney characters, holding your own Easter hat parade or a selection of home made gifts and decorations.

  1. Crayola colouring pages 
  2. Disney Family craft and activity pages
  3. Kidspot Easter craft



3. Cooking at home inspiration

These recipes are for the adults but your little ones will love eating them!

Cooking with your children is a great way to develop skills such as measuring, following instructions and reading.

Visit the Stockland Shopping Centres Easter recipes