A harmonious blend of elegant architecture and graceful interior design.

At Quay, all design elements have been considered, right down to your manicured garden. Together with award-winning builders, you can create a home every bit as unique as the location. You can design your new home to be distinguished by elegance, exclusivity and a truly luxurious place for your relaxed waterfront lifestyle. Composed equally of luxury and simplicity, your new home in Quay at Newport will be a timeless backdrop for the expression of your unique taste, featuring natural light, premium material and harmonising colours. 

One of the many benefits of building a new home in Quay at Newport is that you can choose a home design that perfectly fits in with your lifestyle, giving you the room you need to flourish. Innovative premium home options focus on sustainable designs to lower the cost of living from the day you move in and for many years to come.

With a great location, elegant streetscape, connected open space and diversity in home designs, Quay at Newport offers the safety and security of a carefully planned community, where neighbours know each other by name, the streets are leafy and well lit and wide open spaces are within walking distance of every home.

This is the perfect balance of the extraordinary.

Watch the Newport flythrough and discover the Metricon Meridian range below.