31 October 2017   

1 min read
Hume Tennis and Community Centre – a welcoming facility for the whole family!

Located within Highlands,  Hume Tennis and Community Centre is an inviting club offering something for everyone.

The world class recreational facility has great community spirit, encouraging healthy competition in a family friendly atmosphere.

The club was established in 2015 and has grown rapidly to a membership of 600. The facilities include 16 world class tennis courts with coaching lessons available 7 days a week.

Hume Tennis and Community Centre offers numerous memberships to suit all types of players from casual hitters to those who play regular competitions.

Recently, we interviewed a local Highlands resident and member of Hume Tennis Club.  Joey speaks excitedly about his love of the game and what he likes about Hume Tennis and Community Centre. Joey plays 4-5 days a week and believes tennis is a great multicultural sport. He enjoys having a hit with friends and his whole family is involved within the club. 

Tim Connelly, Director of Hume Tennis and Community Centre discusses the clubs’ work with with local schools amongst other programs. One local school with over 1000 pupils, has integrated tennis into their sports classes so each grade gets to play 4 weeks of tennis.  

Find out more about what happens at the Hume Tennis and Community Centre by watching the video below: